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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> we are following firefighters in manassass who are following -- fighting a huge fire that has swept through the neighborhood. natasha barri is live on the scene. -- latorsha barri its is live on the scene. >> this is a major fire. neighbors out here watching and the hard part is that these were people's homes. for two homes were burned to the ground. there's a third one to the right you can only see the shell of the front of that home. beyond the windows, neighbors say there is really nothing left. a lot of people really are just shocked. they said they heard commotion on their street. they ran to look. several people called 911. there were families inside some of these houses, but what we are stealing, thank goodness, is
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that everyone got out ok. -- what we are hearing, thank goodness, is that everyone got out ok. one firefighter from manassass and prince william counties said he has never seen a home go up that fast and be burned down that quickly. also, because it is in the middle of the day there are tens of people out here. but at this point, they cannot determine what caused this fire. people are standing around watching in amazement. three families without a home now, but they are ok and we are waiting to rehr from firefighters exactly what caused this fire. -- waiting to cheer from firefighters exactly what caused this fire. >> -- waiting to hear from firefighters. >> to resell the wiss will be put to -- teresa lewis will be
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put to death for the murder of her husband and stepson. >> this execution has drawn appeals from the european union, from iran, and more than 7000 people through letters of -- letters to the governor. having exhausted all legal avenues, her execution is scheduled for just hours away. >> the 41-year-old faces the death penalty for the october 2002 slaying of her husband and stepson as they slept in the family's mobile all in virginia. but she was accused of working with the killer to collect on her son's quarter million dollars life-insurance penalty. >> [unintelligible] >> both virginia gov. bob
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mcdonnell and the u.s. supreme court refused to halt the execution, but her case has drawn support from supporters at home and abroad, saying that she is mentally retarded and manipulated by a smarter conspirator. they are pleading for her life to be scared. >> she is scheduled to die tonight at 9:00 p.m. at the correctional facility in virginia. she will be the first woman to be put to death in nearly 100 years. >> our coverage continues now. brian todd is in garrett, virginia with more on teresa louis's final hours. >> we are told that she has met with their immediate family, her attorney and spiritual adviser as well. she has a venture -- and essentially resigned to the circumstances. jazz as for a last meal -- she
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has asked for a last meal of fried chicken, dr pepper and peace. -- peas. we're told that her family will appear today. the daughter said she would witness the best execution. -- witness the execution. it is pretty much unfolding as is supposed to go. she will be put to death within the next three hours. >> thanks for that report. >> and an arrest report tonight of a 31-year-old catholic -- and arrest reported tonight before the murder of a 31-year-old catholic university student. 17-year-old eric forman is charged. police say robbery was the motive of the killing and they say he was a gang member.
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>> eight two-alarm fire killed a mother and two of her sons. >> this community is live in grief today to find out that the three children that survive this fire are in the hospital and are expected to recover and be released tomorrow. we also know from the medical examiner that the three people who died, the mother and two children, all died from smoke inhalation. >> so many questions have to be answered. >> he knows that fire officials will come up with the answers that led to the deaths of alley anderson and her two sons. she was able to get her 6-year- old son, 8-year-old son and two
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month old daughter out and to safety. friends say alley anderson was going through hard times. family and neighbors helped, but they say the electricity had been cut off in the home since monday and the family was using candles. >> fire and police investigators are looking into the cause of the fire, including that the power was shut off at the time. in the meantime, those who live and is a broader struggling with this tragedy, placing tower -- flowers and toys nearby. >> just join my support, basically, that is all you can do. >> there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood. >> the community will come together on saturday night to have a vigil here.
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in the meantime, we know that alley anderson had been trying to get help from a social worker to get her power back on and get helfer from her situation -- and to get help in her situation that her friends have described. with cracks metro -- >> metrorail is safer than it was a year ago. that is what the ntsb told members of congress today. they have taken steps to improve safety since last year's deadly train crash that killed nine people. they have begun to implement more than one dozen ntsb recommendations. >> vincent gray and the schools chancellor michelle rhee are keeping a tight lid about their meeting today. gray told reporters dedecker they did not -- but that they did not talk about whether or not he would keep michelle rhee.
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he said he will make no decisions about her until after the election. >> still to come, some are calling it the new contract with america. today, republicans and reveal their strategy for dealing with the nation's ills. >> plus, you an outrage. the president of iran accuses the u.s. of masterminding the september 11 attacks. >> and a new smart phone force facebook. -- for facebook. details ahead. >> tomorrow, mid 90's. i will tell you all about it.
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>> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is staring of controversy again. speaking at the wende today he suggested -- at the u.n. today he suggested that the united states helped to stage the 9/11 attacks in an effort to secure israel. the u.s. diplomatic assembly walked out. >> if an agreement is not reached, the palestinians will never know the pride and dignity that comes with their own state.
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israelis will never know the certainty and security that comes with sovereign unstable neighbors. >> negotiations are still so shaky right now. palestinians are threatening to walk out of the talks israel does not stop jewish settlement in the west bank. the president said he would like to see an agreement within a year. cracks -- >> today in sterling, va., a number of gop leaders got together to offer what they called the gop's pledge -- pledge. among the changes, permanently extending the bush tax cuts and repealing the president's health care bill. republicans need to pick up 39 seats to have control of the house. >> still to come, they are the
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masters of the social networking, but ken facebook founders crocker the world of smart phones? -- tan facebook's founders conquered the world of smart phones? >> abc7 helped break the story. you will not believe it. for the mets, the future is now as the head man heads out of
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[ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! >> facebook could soon be jumping into the mobile phone business. that is according to bloomberg news. they are trying to develop two smart phones that will feature facebook services. they are set to debut early next year in europe and in the united states in the second half of the year. >> if you like a taste of farm life, you can go across the street to the wheat first capital. there you have a weak field. it will be until 7:00 p.m.
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tonight and from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> a summary day. -- summery day. this is how it looked outside. our temperatures as of now are at least below 90 degrees, but the humidity is still up there. and you are saying to yourself, what is the latest we have never had a 90-degree day in washington? in 1919 we had a 90-degree day as late as october 11. there is what is going on now.
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our temperatures in the's. -- in the 80's. not only that, but it is in a dry pattern. own problems right here around the washington area. the rain is pretty much gone now. there were some rain showers. it right here in washington, we've had nearly everything but rain. look at fort worth, texas, over 10 inches of rain because of the tropical weather that has been down into texas. here is the latest tropical storm. that is tropical storm matthew. it will probably be moving into believe over the weekend, perhaps, as a your kaine.
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-- as a hurricane. tomorrow morning when you get up and head out, it will be another hot one. the temperature for the lead was only about 70 degrees. in the mid -- for the low is only about 70 degrees. in the mid 90's. a weather front comes through this began. saturday into sunday, sunday will be refreshing. something from the gulf may come our way to give us the chance for some needed rain. and perhaps some general rain has begun into next week. -- as we get into next week. >> big news from the nationals? >> breaking news, surprising news.
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the team president, stan kasten, announced he will resign at the end of the season. some of the players in the locker room had not even heard the news. as you know, stan kasten randy lerner group and has been the face of the ballclub. burt mchenry has been at the ballpark all day long. he actually broke the news to some of the players. >> stan kasten today, he took things pretty personally. at one. he covered his face with sunglasses to hide his emotions. -- at one point he covered his face with sunglasses to write his emotions. -- hide his emotions. >> we came to a successful conclusion on both players and
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the energy and time and strategy that we put together in ways that people had no idea and will never understand. >> he refused to go on camera today, saying he did not want to distract from the game going on right now, but he promised to divulged his future plans at the end of this season, to which he said, "i think you will not lose track of me." >> surprising and by the way, 3-2, nats against the saints. st. louis has evolved is stephen jackson and running back. he is 6 ft. 3 and 240 gallons. >> he is powerful -- 240 pounds.
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>> he is powerful and everything you want in a player. he is a great football player. >> in high school sports, is time to meet another future star. i want to introduce youtube neil walcott and -- i want to introduce you to neil walcott. she got hooked on soccer at age 7, thanks to her dad. she has attracted college scouts go lower. she will, indeed, play at the next level. but first things first, she and her teammates have a senior season to play, something to remember and certainly, two chairs. >> you want to go out with a bang. >> congratulations to nia woolcott, our high school
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athlete of the week. >> commissioners said they do not want anyone talking about the gun incident. a lot going on today in sports. >> we are we to have to get to chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help.
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>> china is known for its pandas and now they're trying to spread the love for these animals around the globe. they have sponsored a worldwide competition to find a panda ambassador. the winners will have a chance to spend a month living in caring for giant pandas in china. they will also learn about conservation and document their experiences. >> very cool. it sounds like a need project. it will be something when we finally gets rid of the 90's. not tomorrow, though. high-temperature, 95. if we get to 95, of we will set a record in fredericksburg. less humid air coming in late tomorrow. less humid air coming in late tomorrow.
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